Changing lanes is an important and frequently performed part of our everyday drive. This is particularly true in some situations like we need to go back or when the vehicle we are following drives too slowly.

However, changing lanes is not an easy task as it may seem. Changing lanes can be very complex and can be rather dangerous especially for not so familiar drivers.  Changing lanes demand utmost caution and should not be hurried as it can cause potential accidents on the road.

Most state laws implement the lane system where in roadways are divided into two or more lanes using clearly marked lanes for one way traffic. A vehicle should be driven only within one way as much as possible and should not cross to the other marked lane until such movement can be reasoned out as safe.

However, several factors ranging from the driver’s actions to the quality of road markings have brought about unsafe lane change cases. Owing to its potential danger, changing lanes during unsafe times are penalized.


Section 4A, Chapter 89 of the Massachusetts General Law defines Unsafe Lane Change as the changing of lanes without first ascertaining if such movement can be made with safety. Fines for unsafe lane change usually are around $100 dollars or larger depending on the gravity of the case. Should there be an accident, bigger penalties are to be paid such as damages, insurance, and many other.

What to do?

Unsafe lane changes are relatively not serious offenses so long as there are no accidents caused by such lane changes.

However, traffic police officers issue penalties whenever caught and proven that the driver has changed lanes during unsafe circumstances.

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