Driving is both a privilege and a right. In order to drive, one has to have a license. Having your license
suspended or revoked causes one a major headache. Not only does it prevent you from enjoying your
rights and privileges to drive, it also makes you suffer the agony of not being able to go around or do
your regular chores using your car.

Having your license suspended can be because of so many reasons. Many traffic violations are penalized
with suspension of licenses apart from fines regulated by the Massachusetts General Laws.
However, owing to the practical inconvenience a suspended license brings, most drivers take on the risk
of driving despite having suspended licenses taking risks of getting caught. If caught, these drivers face
severe fines and punishments which only aggravate the long and expensive wait for reinstatement of
licenses and resumption of driving privileges.

Why get suspended licenses?

There are many circumstances or traffic violations which cause one to suffer suspension of licenses. Too
many moving violations or tickets, unpaid toll tickets, speeding for three times in 12 months, among
others are the primary causes of suspended licenses with different timetables depending on the offense.

What are the penalties?

Once caught for driving without a license, your traffic violation record is checked. First-time offenders
get a maximum of 10 days in jails plus a fine ranging from $500 to $1000 and a mandatory license
revocation for 60 days. Subsequent violations stipulate higher fines and longer jail time of up to 2.5
years under correction.

However, driving under suspended license at the same time operating under the influence (OUI) can
result in more serious penalties such as 1-year mandatory loss of license, a fine minimum of $1000 but
not exceeding $10000 and 2.5 years of jail time.

What to do?

It is extremely imperative to consult with experienced lawyers on traffic violations when charged with
driving under suspended licenses. Massachusetts, like other states, considers this offense is serious and
thus imposes severe sanctions such as fines, imprisonment, and extension of suspension terms. Having
said, your driving rights and privileges will be curtailed causing you so much inconvenience in going
about your daily life. On lawyers from our firm who have years of experience in doing cases like this can
help you win against such cases.

If you or a family member has received a ticket, it is wise to contact our lawyers quickly. We can help you fight to keep your driving privileges and your insurance premiums as low as possible.

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