You got pulled up on the side of the road and found yourself with a traffic ticket. Simply paying the traffic ticket fines might seem to be the path of least resistance; but this can actually lead to unexpected consequences if they add up over time. In the state of Massachusetts, there is a so called “surchargeable event” which is added to your driving record for violations such as speeding or an accident. These surchargeable points will pile up, increasing your car insurance and possibly lead to the suspension of your license for a period of time.

You might think that the only way for a traffic ticket to go away is to bend the knee and pay the fines, but you’ve actually got three options to go from there.  You can:

  • Pay it, in which case you’re pleading guilty to the traffic violation and you will get points assessed on your driver’s license. Thus, tainting your driving record and possibly increasing your car insurance rates.
  • Elect traffic/driving school for retraining, if the court orders the driver to take a course at a driving school, this can either reduce your points or your points will not be assessed at all depending on your violation.
  • Challenge the traffic ticket and hire a traffic attorney to represent your case. You can challenge the violation by hiring an experienced traffic attorney who can erase the violation altogether, leaving you with no points on your driver’s license and no fines to pay for the nonexistent ticket.  Although there will be court fees and you’ll have to pay for the attorney’s expertise, this might be a reasonable investment.

Notice that in all three cases, whichever one you choose to take, you’ll still going to have to pay some bucks. So make sure to invest your money on the most reasonable choice.

Advantages of hiring a traffic lawyer to fight your ticket

The thought of hiring an attorney might be too overwhelming for you and your bank account, there are actually instances in which this path can be the most sensible path to take. While it’s true that the cost of hiring an attorney can, at times, be more than the cost of the ticket; it is also true that having an expert legal counsel at your side will not only get you a competent representation of your case in court but also a better outcome for a relatively small fee.

  • Expert advice will almost always lead to good results – getting a local traffic lawyer doesn’t mean more bills to pay, remember that lawyers didn’t become lawyers for no good reason. Traffic lawyers are professionals in handling situations like this, Traffic attorneys know the law, the procedure at court, there is nobody who could represent you better than a traffic ticket lawyer. You’ll have a great chance in winning your case.
  • Avoiding the consequences of the traffic violation convictions – this can be more than enough reason to hire an attorney to challenge your ticket. In Massachusetts, a traffic violation conviction inevitably lead to surchargeable points, increase in car insurance rates, and suspension of your license. Having a traffic ticket attorney who can represent your case and help you avoid court or DMV charges for your ticket can be the best possible option.
  • Prosecutors can’t bully you if you’re represented well at court. An experienced traffic lawyer knows the best ways to sneak past your traffic violation and possibly reduce or erase your traffic ticket altogether. A good lawyer who knows the law and your rights as a driver, will advocate on your behalf likely have a fighting chance to win the case.


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